April 25, 2024

Exploring Biblical Poetry – Part II

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In his divine wisdom, God wrote at least 30% of the Hebrew Bible as poetry. It is not like the poetry we are used to that rhymes, but in a way that would allow a reader to discover a deeper relationship with him.

The majority of people read the Bible as they would any other book, but God’s word should not be read in that way. His words are life and health to all those who are able to find the true meaning behind the surface level of the words themselves. Learning to understand Biblical Poetry helps one relate to God on a different level than reading a narrative.

God wanted us to see things that could only be seen when we would take the time to search out what he was saying (Proverbs 25:2). Biblical poetry requires meditation and contemplation of not only the meaning of the words and sentences but also how they are written in order to see the hidden divine meaning that is not seen from a cursory view.

Today, we’re going to continue our learning about biblical poetry we started last week. Understanding these fundamentals gives us a fresh perspective on familiar passages, revealing layers of meanings previously overlooked, and deepens our relationship with the Scripture and with God himself.

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