October 19, 2023

Our God, Our Lover – The Sacrificial Love of God, He Wants Time With Us!

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We will explore the profound depths of God's unconditional love, for us. Even though from time to time, we have rejected Him, He has never stopped loving us. We will discuss His desire to be with us, and the ultimate sacrifice He made through Jesus Christ to ensure our eternal communion with Him.

His love for us knows no bounds. He longs for fellowship with us, He sent His Son to die for us, and He is preparing a place for us to be with Him forever. Our God is not distant; He is our Lover, desiring to be with us in an intimate, eternal relationship. As we go about our lives, let us carry the knowledge of this boundless love with us, and may it be a source of hope and strength in all that we do.

We will discuss 1) the nature of God's love, 2) God's longing for fellowship, 3) the sacrificial love of God, 4) our eternal relationship with him.

We will search the Scriptures to learn the truth about Our God, Our Lover.

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