November 2, 2023

God Will Fight for Israel Part 2

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Hamas did a dumb thing on October 7, 2023. They attacked Israel!

In this discussion, we will reveal how foolish it was for them to do it. We will show how Israel is God's treasured possession, even the Israel that exists as a nation today. We will explain why God considers them so special.

We will reveal that God established in the Bible an everlasting covenant that has no ending with the people of Israel. In this covenant, he says that Israel is a holy nation, his people, and that he will protect them throughout all generations. Hamas did a foolish thing In attacking Israel and God will fight for Israel himself if need be.

Study along with us and look at the Scriptures pertaining to the favored treatment that God has for the Jews Throughout the centuries and see if you agree that messing with Israel means messing with God himself.

In this series of messages we will discuss, 1) why we should give attention to the Jewish people and Israel regarding end-time events, 2) why the Jews and Israel are hated more than any other nation in the world, 3) God will fight for Israel.

Stay with us as we conduct this study and understand why Israel has a special relationship with God that will never end and will make itself clear in these last days.

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