October 26, 2023

God Will Fight For The People Of Israel: Really? So What?

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In this message, I will reveal to you that God will fight for the people in the land of Israel who called upon him and submit to him as their God and why you need to be aware of what goes on in Israel.

Almighty God, the creator of the universe, is the one who gave the land to a specific group of people. To deny them the right to exist is to rebel against his authority. The ones who do so will suffer the consequences of his wrath.

We will discuss Whether God has the authority to give the land to whomever he chooses, or does man have the final say. What difference does it make anyway?

This will be a two-part series. We will go as far as we can today and continue in part two next week. We will then discuss why events that are going on in Israel are important to us in other parts of the world.

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