September 14, 2023

The Tallit – Your Aide To Greater Intimacy With God

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We are discussing the Tallit, otherwise known as a prayer shawl as some refer to it. We will see how it will help us in our seeking and waiting on the Lord and develop greater intimacy with God so that we might experience more of his grace and mercy.

We will see how it will help us in our meditation and remembrance of the Word of God for our lives. It will help us to focus on Christ and block out the distractions that so easily cause us to miss what God is saying.

The Tallit has been the garment that God has instructed his people to wear so that they would remember his commandments and do them. It has been worn by many men and women for over 3500 years in and outside of the Bible.

It is my prayer that this will be a blessing to you as you learn more about this simple but complex garment that was worn by all of the great characters of the Bible and grow to a more personal and intimate relationship God.

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