August 31, 2023

Two Keys to Harnessing the Supernatural in Your Life

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God is waiting to become involved in your life. Learn how to get the supernatural power of God working on your behalf. There are two words that you need to memorize so that you have confidence in knowing God will work for you.

I will share with you those two words in this message and elaborate on those words so that you know you can have hope regardless of what's going on in your life. I chose this title to reiterate the message that I delivered on Sunday called Two Keys to unlock God's Favor in your life.

This message will help you find the confidence to make it through life's storms. With these two keywords, I give you, you will unlock the power of God in your life so that you can experience miraculous deliverance through the supernatural power of God.

All of that might sound nice, but just let me put it this way, This message is a game-changing message and if you put into practice what I'm trying to get across to you you will find out that God will rock your world!

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