August 24, 2023

Why Is God So Hard To Find? – A Study on the Tabernacle of God

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God tells us to pray continually but no matter how hard we try, it is not the easiest thing to do consistently. Many of us pray and we find ourselves drifting off into thoughts of other things. Even the disciples had difficulty in praying when Jesus asked them to pray with him.

Prayer is a fundamental thing for all believers in Christ are commanded to do. We have many examples in the Bible telling us the results of effective fervent prayer. Yet, prayer does not hold a place of prominence and dedication as it did in the hearts of many biblical examples.

What is it about our nature that keeps us from focusing on prayer? Why is prayer the way God said to pray a difficult thing? What is the manner that God would have us to pray? How can we overcome the challenges to pray as Jesus prayed and as many biblical characters prayed?

In this lesson on the study of the Tabernacle, we will discuss the challenges we all face just as the biblical characters in trying to enter into the presence of God. With this understanding, we should be able to recognize the devices of the enemy and learn to overcome them as we learn the find God in prayer.

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